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Coach Tash

Coach Tash: The Freedom Coach, is the founder and CEO of LaTashia Armstrong Speaks (formally known as Talks with Tash), which houses her acclaimed Coaching and Speaking platform. Her mission is to emancipate women from the bondage of their past and present traumas and free them into a healthy mindset. Many women choose to work with Coach Tash because she is known to use masterful insight and strategy, and strategically modifies her approach of coaching on a truly individual basis depending on the client. She has vast experience and perspective working with clients in a variety of backgrounds, as well as from taking from her own personal experience and living her testimony transparently, she truly brings an uncommon edge. Coach Tash helps her clients look beyond their circumstances, identify and prepare for unforeseen challenges, and position themselves for their next level resulting in their ultimate true FREEDOM!


Coach Tash offers a unique option of individual one-on-one coaching sessions, host multiple conferences and an amazing luxury annual women's retreat, as well as is avalible for speaking opportunities in-person or virtually. It is Coach Tash's motto to help every woman understand that, “Freedom is Expensive, but you were made Priceless.” Her goal is to FREE every woman in EVERY area of life! Coach Tash is an international speaker, conference host, and best-selling author of a highly sought after workbook entitled: “Breaking F.R.E.E.”: A biblical Journey from trauma to triumph! She has since written multiple other publications that can be found on her website. 


When Coach Tash is not busy being a wife, mother, coach, speaker, and author, she is working on her Freedom Apparel located within her virtual Freedom Store. Coach Tash is the true definition of an serial entrepreneur and she strives to show women how they can find and walk in their purpose. Through everything Coach Tash offers it is her goal to help everyone she comes in contact with understand that, “Freedom isn’t just a choice, it’s a lifestyle!”





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