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Freedom is One Yes Away!



With Coach Tash

Each one-on-one session personally delivered by Coach Tash is uniquely designed to identify what area of your life needs to be addressed for you to achieve your personal goal of FREEDOM. Coach Tash then creates an action plan to maximize and harness those areas for your growth. By using Coach Tash’s unique approach to a developing a healthy mindset, learning the tools and tactics that are simple to apply to your life, you will be able to streamline, innovate, and maximize your life’s full potential and live in complete FREEDOM.

Women choose to work with Coach Tash because she isn’t locked into a specific formula, and instead gives masterful insight and strategy, based on biblical principles, on a truly individual basis. Her vast experience and perspective working with clients in a variety of backgrounds over the years – as well as from taking her own experience and living as a walking testimony – she truly brings an uncommon edge.

She helps her clients look beyond their circumstances, prepare for unforeseen challenges, and position themselves incomparably for their next level. Ultimately, Coach Tash empowers you to own your FREEDOM.


Key Benefits

Set Unique Goals

A powerful action plan built specifically for your personal life and situational goals.

Identify Barriers

Insightful truth about what must change to reach new levels of personal freedom.

Pinpoint Needs

Spot areas of development and create initiatives to quickly realize outcomes.

Create Vision

Establish a unifying and over-arching success framework for your life.


  • Coaching women from bondage to FREEDOM!

    30 min
  • Coaching YOU from a bondage mindset to a lifestyle of FREEDOM!

    1 hr
    99 US dollars
  • A four week personalized boot camp utilizing the principles of FREE!

    1 hr
    299 US dollars
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