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How do I know if I forgave them?

How do I know that I forgave a person? Well this is the age long question we all ask ourselves. What is true forgiveness? How do we know if we really forgave them? When do we know that we forgave them? Well it’s not as simple as a time or place or date. But it’s more of your hearts posture when the Incident or person Surfaces and how you react and how your emotions control you or not. Have you ever been in a situation where there was a specific person that hurt you and now you had to be in the same room with them? and not only be in the same room with them but help them with some thing? This will give you the measure of your true forgiveness, in a moment like that. A moment that shows you How truly strong you really are. This is not something that others can understand. Friends and family may look at you and say don’t you remember what they did? Have you forgotten how they hurt you? But you have to ask your spirit what is more important, harboring anger or truly forgiving so that you can move on and have joy!

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