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Are you FREE? White that thang out!!!!

Updated: May 8, 2020

everyone has a past. Everyone has made mistakes. The Bible even says we ALL have fallen short of the kingdom, meaning none of us alive are born without sin. But your future is yours to correct. How can that be? By erasing your past and walking in your new future. GOD says That his mercy is new EVERY morning. so every day you wake up you have a opportunity to erase yesterday’s junk and start a new thing/mindset/lifestyle. BUT ITS YOUR CHOICE. Let me be transparent with you.... there was a point in my life where I was wrapped in sin. I was in the world living amongst people that I wanted to except me but didn’t realize that I was made to be peculiar and stand out. My life consisted of alcohol, Men, fornication, anything else that you think that was not God. The devil would have me to believe that the only thing that I had to offer a man was between my legs. I didn’t value who I was, whos is I was which is a child of God, a daughter of the most high, and a joint heir of Christ and the throne! once the revelation set in and I received it I began to walk in my newness, my greatness, MY PURPOSE!! GOD already Forgave me for my past and once I did the same for myself the past was blotted out!! WHITE OUT BABY!!!!! Now I’m so fresh and SOOOOOOO CLEAN!!!

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